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The EasyVoice Telecom Knowledge Base, the place for valuable information about modern communication technologies, both for businesses and individuals. Discover practical guides, useful tips, and solutions for all your questions about the internet, intrusion and fire protection, telephony, VoIP, and other telecom matters. Dive into our help topics and get the most out of your communication experience because at EasyVoice, we believe that communication should be simple and accessible for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions for quick answers. We've gathered the most common questions to assist you. If your question is not listed, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

Fixed Telephony (VoIP)

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line. This provides clear call quality and flexible features.

VoIP offers business customers benefits such as cost savings, advanced features, and communication flexibility.

Yes, VoIP services from EasyVoice Telecom offer security features to protect online activities and ensure privacy.

Yes, it is usually possible to retain your existing phone number when switching to VoIP. EasyVoice Telecom can assist you with this.

Contact our customer service, and they will assist you in resolving any technical issues.

Yes, EasyVoice Telecom offers various subscription options, both for individual and business customers, so you can choose what suits your needs best.

Yes, VoIP is suitable for home use. EasyVoice Telecom offers VoIP services for both individual and business customers.

For VoIP telephony, you need an internet connection and a VoIP phone or software on your computer or smartphone. EasyVoice Telecom can assist you in selecting suitable equipment.

Yes, with VoIP telephony from EasyVoice Telecom, you can make international calls at attractive rates.

Mobile Telephony

EasyVoice Telecom offers various mobile subscriptions, including subscriptions for calling and texting, data bundles, and combination packages.

EasyVoice Telecom utilizes an extensive mobile network with good coverage and high quality, both for voice calls and data usage.

Our mobile telephony subscriptions often include features such as voicemail, caller ID, and conference calls. We also provide options for adding international call rates and data roaming.

Yes, you can usually retain your current mobile number when switching to EasyVoice Telecom. We'll be happy to assist with the transfer.

Yes, we provide international calling and data roaming options so you can stay connected even when abroad.

Our 5G internet connection offers download speeds of up to 1 Gbps (gigabit per second). This provides lightning-fast and reliable connectivity, allowing you to stream, game, and download with minimal latency.

Hotspot technology

Hotspot technology encompasses various solutions, ranging from setting up and optimizing your home, office, or any other physical or temporary location (such as in your camper) to connecting multiple locations with the same network and setting up Wi-Fi hotspots at both fixed and temporary locations.

Yes, our hotspots are secured to protect your online activities. We always recommend being cautious with sensitive online activities, even on secure networks.

For fixed locations, hotspot technology uses a fixed internet connection. This can be a broadband connection, such as cable or fiber optic, to provide a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection.

You can connect virtually any Wi-Fi-compatible device to our hotspot technology, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Temporary locations have more flexible options. They can use a fixed connection, such as a temporary cable or fiber optic connection, to provide robust internet access. Additionally, hotspot technology at temporary locations can also leverage mobile technologies like 4G and 5G to offer fast internet access without the need for a fixed line.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet is an advanced internet connection technology that provides ultra-fast download speeds and stability.

The costs vary depending on the type of subscription and the speed you choose. EasyVoice Telecom offers competitive prices.

Businesses benefit from the fast upload speeds, low latency, and reliable connectivity of fiber optic internet.

Generally, there are few to no limitations to the use of fiber optic internet. It offers high speeds and reliability.

Yes, EasyVoice Telecom offers fiber optic internet services for both residential and business customers.

Interactive TV

Interactive TV is an advanced television service that allows you to not only watch TV programs but also use interactive features such as video on demand, live pause, and recording.

Yes, you need a set-top box or decoder to use Interactive TV. EasyVoice Telecom provides this equipment with your subscription. You can also use our app for iOS and Android.

With Interactive TV, you can enjoy features such as the TV guide, recording programs, live pause, access to video on demand, and more.

Burglary and Fire Protection

Our burglary and fire protection system includes sensors for burglary detection, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors for fire protection.

Yes, our security system can be controlled remotely through a mobile app, allowing you to receive notifications and activate/deactivate the system.

Our professional installation team installs the security system at your home or office. We also offer periodic maintenance to ensure everything is working properly.


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