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How is the status of your subscription order?

Placed a new subscription order with EasyVoice Telecom? On this page, you can find everything about your order. Check below the topic you want to know more about.


Number Portability

Learn how number portability works. Switching from another provider to EasyVoice Telecom? Or from Prepaid to a subscription? It's nice to keep your phone number. Request free EasyVoice Telecom number portability.

Follow the steps on this page to arrange your number portability. Have you done this already?

Request Number Portability. Requesting Number Portability is easy. Just follow this step-by-step plan:

  1. Purchase an EasyVoice Telecom mobile subscription during the checkout process. You can indicate whether you want to keep your phone number. To transfer your number, you need an EasyVoice Telecom SIM card with a temporary number. This temporary number will be converted to your old, familiar phone number.

Good to know: The phone number you want to take must be active.

Don't have an EasyVoice Telecom SIM card yet? Order a subscription that suits you.

  1. Choose the variant you prefer. You can request number portability in 3 different ways:
  • On the earliest date your provider specifies.
  • Usually, this is when your contract term with your provider has ended or after a notice period. You won't incur any additional costs.
  • In 3 working days, with termination of your contract with your current provider.
  • You will receive all information about the termination fee (such as its amount and how to pay) from your current provider.

Order Information

Check the status of your order

Have you placed an order and want to know how it's going? Enter your details, and we'll look it up for you. 

Payment for an Order

Paying can be done in 3 ways: via SEPA Direct Debit (only for subscriptions), with iDeal, or with a credit card. If that doesn't work, your order will be automatically canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering

With a new contract, you often pay activation fees. On your first invoice, you will see them listed under discounts/other costs.

No. If you are not yet 18, you need permission from your parents or guardian. They must place the order for you. The payment account must also be in the name of your parent/guardian. We can only debit from an account of someone who is 18 or older.

Ordering a new EasyVoice Telecom subscription? Then you need one of the following identity documents:

  • Dutch European ID card
  • Dutch driver's license
  • Dutch passport
  • Foreign passport*
  • European ID card*
  • Residence permit types 1-5
  • EU/EER Residence Card
  • EU/EER Family Member Residence Card
  • Privileged Document

*You can only get a Sim Only subscription, not a subscription with a phone.

Good to know: The courier checks the identification document's details during package delivery. Show the identification document you used when placing your order.

Yes, you can also order an EasyVoice Telecom subscription with a foreign bank account. It must be an IBAN bank account. Order your subscription online at or by phone.

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