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At EasyVoice Telecom, we offer ultra-fast internet that effortlessly connects you to the world around you. With our fast and reliable internet connection, you can work, study, game, stream, and enjoy various online activities without any hassle. Our mission is to seamlessly connect you to the possibilities of the internet and provide you with a worry-free internet experience. Connecting you effortlessly is what we stand for.

1 Gbps

Fiber Optic Internet



The fastest 4G & 5G internet

Home On the go Unlimited

Only £ 23 /month

Unlimited calling & texting

Best 5G coverage

At EasyVoice Telecom, we offer an unlimited subscription for unlimited internet, calling, and texting. With this subscription, you don't have to worry about data limits or restrictions on your phone calls and messages. You can surf the internet unlimitedly, make calls to your heart's content, and send as many text messages as you want. Whether you consume a lot of data, make regular calls, or send messages often, our subscription gives you the freedom to communicate without limitations and enjoy a seamless phone experience. Choose EasyVoice Telecom and experience the freedom of unlimited internet, calling, and texting in one subscription.

Our services

The best connectivity throughout the UK

With our extensive services, including ultra-fast internet, unlimited calling and texting, interactive TV, and advanced Voice over IP solutions, we ensure that you are always connected to what matters. Discover the power of seamless communication and enjoy the best connectivity experience that the Netherlands has to offer with EasyVoice Telecom.

All in one

With EasyVoice Telecom's Complete All-in-One Residential Package, you gain access to a comprehensive bundle of five essential services, specially curated for individuals. Enjoy ultra-fast fiber optic internet, feel secure with burglary and fire protection, stay connected with mobile and landline telephony, and relax with interactive TV. This package provides all essential services under one roof and is designed to make your life simpler and more complete. Discover the benefits of our Complete All-in-One Residential Package today.

Fiber Optic Internet

With fiber optic internet from EasyVoice Telecom, you can enjoy the fastest and most reliable internet connection currently available. Thanks to advanced fiber optic technology, you can enjoy ultra-fast download speeds, smooth streaming, and hassle-free online gaming. With fiber optic internet, you can effortlessly upload and download large files, view high-resolution videos, and work from home without any problems. Experience the future of internet connectivity with fiber optic internet from EasyVoice Telecom and enjoy unparalleled performance and reliability.

Hotspot Technology

With EasyVoice Telecom's Hotspot Technology, you will not only experience an improved Wi-Fi experience in your home, but you will also have the opportunity to connect wirelessly between two locations in a stable way. Whether you want to connect your home office to your main office or simply connect multiple places within your home, Hotspot Technology provides reliable and secure connections. Thanks to our advanced technologies, you can share, communicate, and collaborate between different places without worry. Plus, we offer both 4G and 5G technology for hotspot connections, allowing you to enjoy a solid internet connection in just about any situation. Experience the convenience of Hotspot Technology and stay seamlessly connected in your environment.

Mobile Telephony

With EasyVoice Telecom's mobile network, you can enjoy a fast and reliable mobile internet connection wherever you are. Whether you're on the go, in the office or at home, our mobile network ensures you always stay connected to the digital world. Enjoy fast download speeds, smooth streaming, and hassle-free mobile app use. Plus, we offer flexible mobile plans with unlimited data, calls, and texts, so you can communicate worry-free and take advantage of all the best that mobile internet has to offer. Experience the freedom of seamless connectivity with EasyVoice Telecom's mobile network.

Fixed telephony

With fixed telephony from EasyVoice Telecom, you get the reliability and convenience of a home telephone line. Enjoy clear call quality and convenient features like voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding. With our flexible plans, you can choose what best suits your needs. Stay connected with family and friends, and enjoy effortless communication, all from the comfort of your own home. Discover the advantages of fixed telephony from EasyVoice Telecom.




Interactive Television

With EasyVoice Telecom's interactive television solution, we bring the future of entertainment directly to all your devices. Whether you're using an Android TV, Apple TV, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or even a web browser, our handy apps ensure that you always have access to a wide range of TV shows, movies, and series. Simply browse through the extensive selection, choose your favorite content and start watching immediately, wherever you are. With features like on-demand streaming, pause, rewind, and record, you'll have complete control over your viewing experience. Discover the freedom of interactive television on all your devices and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our future-proof TV solution.


Burglary and Fire Protection

We understand that your safety and that of your loved ones is of the utmost importance. That's why we've put together a range of advanced security services to ensure your peace of mind, whether you're at home or protecting your business. Find out how we can help you create a safe environment with our burglary and fire protection systems.
Safety comes first, and with EasyVoice Telecom's high-quality fixed security services, you don't have to compromise. We understand that peace of mind is priceless. That's why we offer advanced security solutions that protect your home and property, without straining your budget. Discover our comprehensive services that ensure your peace of mind, without having to break the bank.

Cloud solutions

EasyComp Cloud, like EasyVoice Telecom, is a subsidiary of EasyComp Zeeland, which is also a leading player in the world of cloud services. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of cloud solutions that help businesses grow, innovate, and achieve their digital transformation. From flexible storage options to powerful computing power and secure data storage, we enable organizations to operate more efficiently, cut costs while improving performance. With our proven reliability, scalability, and excellent customer service, we ensure that businesses can always rely on EasyComp Cloud for their critical business operations. Discover the power of EasyComp Cloud and experience the benefits of a reliable and innovative cloud partner.

The 5G revolution is

Arrived at EasyVocie Telecom

Discover the unprecedented possibilities of high-speed wireless connectivity with our 5G network. Enjoy ultra-fast download speeds, virtually no lag, and a reliable connection that allows you to surf, stream, game, and more effortlessly. Whether you're at home, on the road, or in the office, our 5G network keeps you connected to the future of wireless technology. Step into the 5G revolution and experience the limitless possibilities at EasyVoice Telecom.

Stay connected with ultra-fast 4G & 5G hotspot technology in the

Camper Car Bus Train Subway Tram Boat

With our advanced mobile hotspot technology at EasyVoice Telecom, you can enjoy internet connectivity anywhere in your RV, car, bus, train, metro, tram, and more. With our mobile hotspots, you can set up a personal Wi-Fi connection even when you're on the go.

Whether you want to work, stream, or just stay connected, our mobile hotspots give you a reliable and fast internet connection wherever you are. Enjoy seamless connectivity during your travels and make the most of your mobile devices. Discover the freedom of mobile internet access with our hotspot technology from EasyVoice Telecom.


Wat klanten over ons zeggen

We zijn trots op de positieve feedback die we ontvangen en willen graag enkele ervaringen met je delen. Lees verder en hoor uit de eerste hand waarom klanten kiezen voor onze diensten en hoe we hen helpen om verbonden te blijven en te genieten van een hoogwaardige communicatie-ervaring. Bij EasyVoice Telecom streven we ernaar om onze klanten de beste service te bieden, en hun tevredenheid is voor ons van het grootste belang.

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Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities in terms of security, protection, and technology. At EasyVoice Telecom, we are constantly exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions to provide a safe and protected experience for our customers. From advanced firewall systems to robust antivirus software and proactive monitoring, we strive to provide the highest level of security for your data and communications. In addition, we continuously invest in the latest technologies to ensure that you always have access to the most innovative and reliable means of communication. At EasyVoice Telecom, we believe in creating a secure and advanced environment for our customers, where they can communicate with confidence and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.


At EasyVoice Telecom, we put the safety of our customers first. With advanced security measures and strict data protection, we ensure that your communications and data remain safe and confidential.


At EasyVoice Telecom, we strive for maximum protection for our customers. With advanced security measures and proactive monitoring, we ensure that your communications and data are always protected.


At EasyVoice Telecom, we embrace the power of technology for an advanced communications experience. We continuously invest in innovative solutions to provide you with seamless connectivity and ease of use.

Your internet, your choice!

Net neutrality at EasyVoice Telecom

Our Commitment to Open and Fair Access

At EasyVoice Telecom, we embrace net neutrality as a core principle of our services. What does this mean for you as our valued customer? It means that we don't differentiate between what websites you can visit, what apps you can use, or what content you can share online. We strive for open and fair access to the internet for everyone, without your online experience being affected by our services.

No limitations, no obligations; only your choice;

For us, net neutrality is not up for debate; it's an obligation. We remain committed to fair and open access to the internet, where your choice and freedom are central.


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