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Frequently Asked Questions about the Interactieve TV Decoder

An Interactieve TV Decoder is a device that reads the incoming IP signal and converts it into an audiovisual signal compatible with televisions. The device used by EasyVoice Telecom is the MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder.

The MAG 322 only needs to be connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, the internet via an Ethernet cable, and to the power grid via the included adapter.

The MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder has the following dimensions: 132 x 87 x 26 mm. The device weighs 144 grams.

The MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder used by EasyVoice Telecom has the following connections:

  • HDMI 1.4b with HDCP
  • S/PDIF optical
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 3.5mm audio jack

The standard MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder does not have built-in Wifi. You can order a Wifi adapter in our store.

Each Interactieve TV Decoder can be connected to a single television. If you choose to receive TV via the application, you can use a single key on multiple devices, such as the Android app, the iOS app, or an app for Samsung Smart TVs.

The MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder supports fullHD 1080p resolution video and plays the latest audio and video formats with subtitle support. Thanks to HEVC support, your end-users can enjoy the highest quality image and sound.

The MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder from EasyVoice Telecom comes with a universal remote control. This allows end-users to control the Interactieve TV Decoder. The USB ports also allow connecting a keyboard or mouse to the device.

Currently, this is not fully supported. Work is being done on this feature. Further details will follow in the future. For now, you can enable time shift using a USB storage medium, allowing you to pause and fast forward programs.

In case of problems with the MAG 322 Interactieve TV Decoder, we always recommend turning off the device first and then turning it back on. In case of technical problems, please contact us.

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