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Step into the future of connectivity with our Hotspot Technology

Our hotspot subscriptions seamlessly bring you online, wherever you are. Enjoy secure Wi-Fi hotspots, fast mobile connectivity, and a world of wireless possibilities. Choose unlimited internet access and stay connected, wherever your adventure takes you. Discover our subscription options today and experience the freedom of Hotspot Technology.


For those who simply want a good Wi-Fi solution for your customers and yourself.

£ 45 /month

One-time £ 80 connection fee


Connect multiple locations with the same internet connection through a Point-to-Point connection.

£ 75 /month

One-time £ 90 connection fee


Wi-Fi hotspots at campsites, event venues, and temporary locations. Via fixed internet and 5G technology.

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Hotspot Technology Accessories

At EasyVoice Telecom, we understand the importance of a seamless hotspot experience, whether you're on the go or working at a temporary location. That's why we offer a range of accessories to elevate your hotspot technology. Explore our range of hotspot accessories now and order the tools you need to stay connected wherever you are. From powerful mobile hotspots to reliable external antennas, our accessories help you get online quickly and easily, everywhere. Enhance your hotspot connectivity with our accessories and experience the freedom of being connected anytime, anywhere. Order today!

The internet offerings of EasyVoice Telecom

Experience the power of a high-quality


Hotspot Technology - The New Standard in Connectivity.

Welcome to the world of Hotspot Technology at EasyVoice Telecom, where connectivity knows no bounds. Our Hotspot Technology is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants internet access anytime and anywhere. Whether you're on the move, working at a temporary location, or just need extra flexibility, our hotspot subscriptions ensure you're never offline.

Hospitable Networks, Secure Connections.

With our Hotspot Technology, you can create secure Wi-Fi hotspots for your visitors and customers. Whether you run a restaurant, café, or a store, you can create custom login pages and easily manage access and data usage. Provide your customers with a seamless and secure internet experience wherever they are.

Hotspots Everywhere, Always Connected.

When you choose our mobile hotspot subscriptions, you get ultra-fast 4G & 5G internet access in your car, camper, boat, temporary location, event venue, and more. With advanced mobile hotspot technology, you can enjoy internet connectivity everywhere. Whether you want to work, stream, or just stay in touch, our hotspots provide a reliable and fast internet connection, wherever you are.

Manage Your Network, Stay Safe.

Our hotspot solutions offer not only connectivity but also peace of mind. With advanced security features and the ability to manage access and data usage, you can confidently provide internet access to your visitors and customers. Don't worry about the security of your network; we've got you covered.

Discover the Freedom of Mobile Internet Access.

Choose Hotspot Technology from EasyVoice Telecom and experience the freedom of mobile internet access, wherever your adventure takes you. With our hotspot subscriptions, you're never offline. Browse our subscription options and contact us today. Stay connected wherever you are with Hotspot Technology from EasyVoice Telecom.

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