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The best internet mobiele netwerk interactieve TV van smart office experience is with EasyVoice Telecom

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The best connectivity throughout the UK

At EasyVoice Telecom, we offer business customers a comprehensive suite of services, including ultra-fast internet, unlimited calls and advanced Voice over IP solutions. We'll make sure you're always connected to what's important to your business. Discover the power of seamless communication and experience the best connectivity experience EasyVoice Telecom has to offer for business customers.

All in one

With the Complete All-in-One Business Package from EasyVoice Telecom you get access to an extensive bundle of essential business services. This package is specifically designed to meet the business needs of your company. Take advantage of ultra-fast fiber optic internet to keep your business online at all times and ensure a safe working environment with our burglary and fire protection solutions. Stay connected at all times with our business mobile and fixed telephony services, while interactive TV offers relaxation to your employees. This package will enable you to run your business more efficiently and meet the growing demands of the modern business world. Discover the benefits of our Complete All-in-One Business Package today.

Fiber Optic Internet

With our business fiber optic internet from EasyVoice Telecom, you are assured of the fastest and most reliable internet connection currently available for your company. Thanks to our advanced fiber optic technology, you'll enjoy ultra-fast download speeds, seamless streaming, and effortless online work. Whether you want to upload large files, video conferences, or use cloud applications, our business fiber optic internet will keep you connected with the highest performance and reliability. Experience the future of internet connectivity with EasyVoice Telecom's business fiber optic internet and give your business a head start in the digital world.


Hotspot Technology

With our business solution, Wifi Plus from EasyVoice Telecom, you not only get an enhanced Wi-Fi experience within your company, but also the ability to set up a stable wireless connection between different locations, temporary locations, event sites and other public locations. Whether it's connecting your headquarters to branches, warehouses, or creating a reliable internet connection during an event or at a high-traffic venue, Wi-Fi Plus offers secure, powerful, and seamless connectivity. With the help of our advanced technologies, you can effortlessly share, communicate, and collaborate with data, keeping visitors, participants, and employees connected to the digital world at all times. Harness the power of Wi-Fi Plus to stay seamlessly connected, no matter where your business operates.


Mobile Telephony

With EasyVoice Telecom's business mobile network, you are assured of a fast and reliable mobile internet connection, wherever you are. Whether you're on your way to a business meeting, working in the office, or operating from home, our mobile network keeps you constantly connected to the digital world. Enjoy fast download speeds, smooth media streaming, and hassle-free mobile app use. In addition, we offer flexible business mobile plans with unlimited data, calls and texts, so you can communicate worry-free and make the most of the benefits of mobile internet. Experience the freedom of seamless connectivity with EasyVoice Telecom's business mobile network.




Fixed telephony

With fixed telephony from EasyVoice Telecom, you bring the reliability and convenience of a home telephone line to your business environment. Enjoy crystal-clear call quality and advanced features like voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding. Through our flexible plans, you can choose what best suits your company's needs. Stay connected with clients, colleagues, and partners and enjoy effortless communication, all from the comfort of your own office. Discover the benefits of EasyVoice Telecom fixed telephony, including advanced features via 3CX PRO and Enterprise, which are included in our tariff.





Interactive Television

With EasyVoice Telecom's interactive television solution, we bring the future of entertainment directly to all your devices. Whether you're using an Android TV, Apple TV, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or even a web browser, our handy apps ensure that you always have access to a wide range of TV shows, movies, and series. Simply browse through the extensive selection, choose your favorite content and start watching immediately, wherever you are. With features like on-demand streaming, pause, rewind, and record, you'll have complete control over your viewing experience. Discover the freedom of interactive television on all your devices and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our future-proof TV solution.


Burglary and Fire Protection

At EasyVoice Telecom, we understand the value of a safe and advanced working environment. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions for office automation and burglary and fire protection. Using our smart devices and IoT technology, we seamlessly integrate security and automation features into your office. Our solutions are designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from burglary and fire. With real-time notifications and remote monitoring, we'll keep you informed of potential threats so you can take immediate action. In addition, our systems ensure efficiency, energy savings and comfort in your office environment. With our smart devices, you can automate and streamline office processes. This includes lighting, temperature control, access control and security cameras. Everything is integrated into one user-friendly system, which is easy to manage.

Cloud solutions

EasyComp Cloud, like EasyVoice Telecom, is a subsidiary of EasyComp Zeeland, which is also a leading player in the world of cloud services. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of cloud solutions that help businesses grow, innovate, and achieve their digital transformation. From flexible storage options to powerful computing power and secure data storage, we enable organizations to operate more efficiently, cut costs while improving performance. With our proven reliability, scalability, and excellent customer service, we ensure that businesses can always rely on EasyComp Cloud for their critical business operations. Discover the power of EasyComp Cloud and experience the benefits of a reliable and innovative cloud partner.

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